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Pay here with a credit card
Order from Click-n-Shoot direct, simply click on the correct button below and follow the directions. We take all major credit cards via the Paypal service. By the act of making a purchase you automatically consent to abide by the “terms of use” of this product.

Note: We do NOT ship anywhere outside the United States



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Get 2 and SAVE!

Our Guarantee
- Click-n-Shoot® guarantees the CD-ROM to be free from defects
- Click-n-Shoot® guarantees the CD-ROM to arrive without damage
- Click-n-Shoot® will replace defective and/or damaged CD's with a new one at no charge
- Please E-mail us for a prompt replacement if your CD arrived damaged)
- Click-n-Shoot® does not offer ANY money back guarantee
Be sure that your computer will run this software (99+% will!). It’s YOUR responsibility to ensure system compatibility

Why no money back?
The reason that we offer NO money back is that virtually anyone with a little computer knowledge can copy these files to their own computer hard drive and then return the CD as it is no longer necessarily needed to print targets.

Shipping details

All Click-n-Shoot® CD’s are shipped via First Class US Postal Service. We ship in a bubble padded envelope and the CD is packed inside a slimline (highly flexible) CD Jewel case. Please E-mail us direct to request any special shipping.



Inside of the padded envelopee

Outside of padded envelope

You can be sure your new Click-n-Shoot CD will arrive safely!




  1. Terms of purchase and use
    I agree that as the original purchaser of the Click-n-Shoot® system of target reproduction to the following terms of it's use:
    - The Click-n-Shoot® CDROM may not be duplicated or distributed in any form
    - Photocopies of targets created by the Click-n-Shoot® CDROM may only be used by the original purchaser
    - The Click-n-Shoot® CDROM may not be resold in any form or fashion
    - The Click-n-Shoot® CDROM and the files contained are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any form    with the following exception granted to the original owner: You may print copies of the file contents as the intent of the product is to provide unlimited targets for your own personal use
    - By purchasing the Click-n-Shoot® system of target reproduction, you agree to hold Click-n-Shoot® harmless for any injuries or damages caused while you are in the act of using a firearm. This includes but is not limited to the destruction of property, personal injury/death and/or injury/death to another person.
    - The Click-n-Shoot® CDROM may not be used to produce targets that are then "resold" for profit or otherwise.
    - Click-n-Shoot® and it's owners may not and can not be held responsible for the misuse or unsafe usage/placement of a target designed to be used for firearms. Firearm safety is the whole and complete responsibility of the purchaser of this product.



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