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What is Click-n-Shoot®?
In short- it's a CD ROM that you place in your computer. It allows you to print copies of paper targets right out of YOUR computer on your personal printer- shoot 'em up and print some more! EVERY target on this web site is on this 1 CD! There are hundreds and hundreds of different styles of targets to choose from! All of these files are contained on this 1 CD and can be printed by the CD owner as many times as he or she wishes, again and again and. . . - all for the price of a box or 2 of ammo!

CD in tray2

CD auto launches -
after you load in tray

Browse it like the internet -
simply use your mouse

Click on target to print -
you’ll save money & time!

How does it work?

The CD is simply placed in the loading tray of your computer and it "automatically" opens using the Internet Explorer "browser" that is already packaged on all computers (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL Explorer, etc.) Once the CD is open, you then select the category (competition, fun, practice, etc.) of target you need for that occasion. Next, select an individual target by "clicking" the small representative picture of that target. After selection of the target is made the Adobe Acrobat Software ® software will launch and the target can be seen and printed (in black & white OR color)

How do I print the Targets?

 If the target is acceptable, the user simply clicks "PRINT" and the target is instantly printed. All targets print from the users printer on 8.5" x 11" paper stock. Obviously ALL targets are 8.5" x 11" sized due to the limits of most home computer printers. Use your printer "Properties" dialog box to adjust: Black & white only, Color, Draft or Best mode (to access this area of YOUR printing software, choose "file"/"print" and click on "properties")

What do I need to use "Click-n-Shoot®"?

Checklist summary of computer/software needs:
[ ]Computer
[ ]CD-ROM slot
[ ]Adobe Acrobat Reader Software
[ ]Printer

Can I photocopy my targets for my own use?

As the original CD-ROM purchaser you may copy them FOR YOUR OWN USE. This saves wear and tear on your computer printer and saves money on ink! Make sure you bring a copy of this page to the Photocopy place of business or they will likely refuse your business. You are strictly forbidden from sharing or selling these targets WITH or to ANYONE else! We will POSITIVELY prosecute anyone breaking the US Copyright laws. Copyright infringement laws are prosecuted in FEDERAL District court and is a FEDERAL crime. Click-n-Shoot has reserved a sum of money and a lawyer on permanent retainer FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF prosecuting these cases- we are very serious about protecting our intellectual property rights.

How much does it cost to print a target?

Typically the cost of a single sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper is 1/2 cent or LESS!
Black ink is MUCH cheaper to print your targets in - cost is TENTHS of a cent per target
Color versions of these targets will print for 3-5 cents per target as the color ink is more expensive

How can I save even more money on targets?

Print all of your targets in Black & White. Most printers allow you to select the "way" in which you wish to print an item. Use your printer "Properties" dialog box to adjust: Black & white only, Color, Draft or Best mode (to access this area of YOUR printing software, choose "file"/"print" and click on "properties"). In Adobe Acrobat ® simply choose "file", "print", then the "properties" button next to the printer description. All printers are different BUT there should be a "setup" or "paper" tab that will allow you to select "grayscale" or "black and white"

How many targets can I make with Click-n-Shoot®?

There are hundreds of different targets on the CD. You can make (print) each target as many times as you wish (millions!!)

How do I keep track of all these targets?

Simple- just use the target "Item Numbers" that are listed on each page. Every Target ALSO has it's own "Item Number" printed right on the target, in the upper right hand corner. Here's another tip- find all of the "Quick Pic" pages and print them out- store these in a notebook and you'll always know what each target looks like!

How long will the Click-n-Shoot® CD-ROM last?

Forever- they never wear out. Do not handle the CD except by the edges and it will give a lifetime of service

Can I share my printed targets with my friends?

Please show them - though they are not authorized to photocopy them as you are (they didn't fork over the purchase price). Don't keep the good news to yourself- ask them to buy a Click-n-Shoot® CD themselves

Can I share or E-mail the actual target "files" with my friends?

No - this is in violation of US copyright laws and the "terms of use"

Can I make a CD-ROM "copy" of "Click-n-Shoot®?

Under US Copyright “Fair Use” laws you may make a back-up copy of the CD for your use ONLY. It is a violation of the US Copyright laws to create a copy to either give away, trade or sell to anyone else. The "Click-n-Shoot" CD contains a special digital "watermark" to allow for tracing purposes


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