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Free Targets

Help yourself to some of the finest targets to be found anywhere. These are the exact  same high quality targets that you will find on the Click-n-Shoot® CD. Remember, you'll need  Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system in order to open and print these targets





















To download (open): Left click on the target and wait for Adobe to launch and download the entire file. After it's open you may print it locally.
To download (save): Right click on the target and choose "Save Target As" and put it anywhere on your hard drive you wish. After it is saved, you may go find it, open it and print it as often as you like.

PROBLEMS OPENING/PRINTING/SAVING??? Most issues are the result of not having Adobe Acrobat Reader software  installed on your system. You can install Adobe Acrobat Reader DIRECTLY FROM THE CLICK-N-SHOOT CD by clicking on "Target Help" at the top or bottom of every page on the CD. Don't have the CD yet? No problem, go to the Adobe web site and download Adobe Acrobat Reader for FREE! Just click on the logo and follow the instructions. remember - there is a FREE copy of the Adobe software packaged on every Click-n-Shoot® Target CD

Need Adobe Acrobat Reader Software?
Click on the Adobe logo below and download it for free from the Adobe web site OR visit our Adobe Acrobat Reader installation help page on this web site and download it from that page. In short: if you know what you’re doing- get it here. If you don’t know what you’re doing get it there

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